Enterprise Culture

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  • Objective ,to be a leading enterprise at track chain market,with stable quality and capacity.

    Vision ,develop industry of track chain ,and to be a base of R&D,production on a world-wide.

    Responsibility, create value for customers, seek welfare for employees,create profits for the company, and take responsibility for the society.

    Slogan,Santer always pursuit of excellent.

    Loyalty :

    Loyalty is bravely pursuit to be the no.1

    Loyalty is improve skills and take responsibility

    Loyalty is create and maintain a good brand

    Loyalty is no suspect when despair

    Loyalty is keep hard-working when feel wronged

    Loyalty is keep same step with company

    Loyalty is keep a good relationship with colleague

    Loyalty is full of positive energy

    Loyalty is keep secret for company

    Loyalty is finish task on time